Johns Manville is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality insulation and commercial roofing, along with glass fibers and nonwovens for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Owens Corning is your trusted partner for all building solutions needs.

CertainTeed is one of America’s leading producers of fiber glass insulation used in Residential, Commercial, and Mechanical/HVAC markets for both new and existing homes and buildings. Our product line includes fiber glass batts, blankets, blowing products, fiber glass insulation for HVAC duct systems and MemBrain™ – The Smart Vapor Retarder. Our insulation products have achieved GREENGUARD™ Certification for superior indoor air quality (IAQ) performance.

MemBrain™: The SMART Vapor Retarder

Basic Use: CertainTeed MemBrain™ SMART Vapor Retarder is a vapor retarder sheeting intended for use with unfaced, vapor permeable mass insulation (fiber glass and mineral wool) in wall and ceiling cavities.

Benefits: MemBrain™ SMART Vapor Retarder is a polyamide film that changes its permeability with the ambient humidity condition. The product’s permeance is 1 perm or less when tested in accordance with ASTM E 96, dry cup method, and increases to greater than 10 perms using the wet cup method. This process allows closed building envelope systems to increase their drying potential with seasonal climatic changes. With a high resistance to water vapor in winter, MemBrain reacts to relative humidity by altering pore size, allowing water vapor to pass through it. When conditions change and relative humidity increases above 60%, the pores in the material expand and its permeability increases. This transformation permits drying to occur, in either direction, through the process of vapor diffusion. Thus, its lowered resistance value supports the drying process, therefore decreasing moisture accumulation within the construction and potential moisture damage.

This product can be used in place of traditional vapor retarders with unfaced fiber glass insulation to provide an insulation system that is ideal in some of the more severe climate condition areas in terms of both temperature and humidity.

SpeedyR™ Tabless Batts

Basic Use: This product is intended for use in either residential or commercial construction as thermal and acoustical insulation in walls. These batts are designed for use in standard width wood framed construction where a vapor retarder is needed. The batts have kraft-paper facing without flanges and can be friction-fit between wall studs for non-exposed applications.

Benefits: Installing SpeedyR™ Tabless Batts is an easy, cost-effective method to help conserve energy in the residential and commercial new construction, remodeling, and reinsulation markets. In addition to its thermal properties, this product also provides excellent acoustical performance. Installing this product will save time and improve productivity by reducing field labor as stapling is not required because the fiberglass fills the entire cavity. SpeedyR Tabless Batts will not settle or sag.

DryRightTM Fiber Glass Insulation

Moisture that becomes trapped in wall cavities can lead to mold growth and related problems – including structural damage, callbacks and liability issues. DryRightTM insulation from CertainTeed helps reduce the presence of one of the key components for mold and mildew growth – moisture – by allowing excess moisture in wall cavities to escape.

DryRight, available in both batts and rolls, utilizes a unique technology that helps to control excess moisture. When installed properly, DryRight helps wall cavities to stay dry and mold-free – helping you to avoid unhappy customers.

EZR Fiber Glass Building Insulation

Basic Use: EZR fiber glass building insulation is intended for use in either residential or commercial construction as thermal and acoustical insulation in walls. These perforated mini-rolls are designed for use in standard width wood-framed construction where a vapor retarder is needed. The rolls have a tabless kraft facing on one side and a non-woven fabric on the other.

Benefits: EZR is an enhanced fiberglass insulation product that is easier to use than traditional kraft-faced products. These perforated mini-rolls are ¼” wider providing for a friction-fit staple-free installation, saving time and money. Due to the non-woven facing, this product cuts easier, and produces less dust and itch during installation, making it easier to work with. In addition to these features, the rolls are perforated every 93″ so they can easily be installed as a batt.

ToughGard®2 Textile Duct Liner

Basic Use: ToughGard2 Textile Duct Liner is used primarily as an acoustical liner in HVAC sheet metal ducts to absorb unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air rush noise.

This product can be used in most types of comfort heating and cooling duct systems, operating at velocities up to 6,000 fpm (30.5 m/s) and temperatures to 250°F (121°C).

Benefits: ToughGard2 Duct Liner is more water repellent than standard duct liners. This product is durable, abuse-resistant and easy to clean. In addition, ToughGard2 Duct Liner provides excellent thermal properties, exhibits low air flow resistance and meets all applicable fire resistance standards and building code requirements.

This product has a factory-applied edge coating that assures sealing of the transverse edges as per SMACNA and NAIMA Installation Standards. The product can be precision cut using both manual and automatic cutting equipment.

SpeedyR Bandit™ Band Joist Insulation

Basic Use: SpeedR Bandit fiberglass building insulation is intended for use in residential construction as thermal insulation in band joist. The product is available unfaced and is designed for use in standard wood stud and TJI assemblies.

Benefits: Installing Band Joist Insulation is an easy, cost effective method to help conserve energy in the residential new construction, remodeling and reinsulation markets. This product is perforated every 12.5 inches for easy installation.

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